DiriGo TouchPass electronic fare system starting October 1st.    DETAILS COMING SOON ON OUR ALERTS PAGE HERE.

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Thank you for a wonderful 2020 season.  As you witnessed, the COVID-19 virus caused everyone to be very cautious.  Many people cancelled their vacations.  Our wonderful neighbors in Canada were not allowed to visit.  Many states were restricted as well.

Local businesses had to make tough choices to open or not.  Employees were hard to find.  We all did the best we could.  We are pleased that we were able to keep our drivers employed and provide you, our customers, with local transportation.


We are thankful to all of you that did find time to visit us and enjoy a ride on our trolleys.  We look forward to seeing you in 2021.  






Trolley Ambassador

Trolley Ambassador

Ted E Bear OOB Trolley

Ted E Bear is the official Trolley Ambassador.  Please be sure to follow Ted E Bear on Facebook. During your visit, post an appropriate selfie and tell us where you are from.

Upcoming events, service disruptions, giveaways and other promotional items will be updated frequently.

Ted E Bear had over 500 followers in his first year along with several shared photos from all over the world.