Effective Saturday, July 24th Camp Ellis/OOB2 red line will have the following changes:

Sunday through Wednesday 2:00pm-9:00pm
Thursday through Saturday 2:00pm-10:00pm 

(see below in alerts for more information)

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Dear Valued Customers,

BSOOB Transit ceased operations late in the evening on March 31. With confirmed cases of COVID-19 and other critical staff needing to be quarantined, we had no choice but to suspend service for the safety of our staff and our customers.

During this shutdown, we have cleaned and disinfected our buses and our two office locations. We have agreed upon and implemented new safety procedures in order to maintain recommended social distancing and protection for our passengers and our operators.

We feel confident that BSOOB Transit can safely return to limited operations. On May 1, we will operate one ZOOM Express bus and two local buses to service our customers who need access to essential services, such as medical appointments, employment and grocery shopping.

Our ZOOM Express service will operate two runs in the morning starting at Exit 32 Park & Ride (6:00 and 7:08 am). It will operate two afternoon runs at 4:09 and 5:35 pm. Monday through Friday. Fares will remain free until we expand to full service.

Local service will begin at the Saco Transportation Center with our Black & Orange and White & Blue lines running from 8:45 am to 4:15 pm daily, Monday through Saturday. No Sunday service. Because of social distancing, there will be marked seating where passengers will be allowed to sit. The area near the driver will be off limits. Because of these restrictions which will limit ridership to approximately 6-8 riders, we will have a “chase” or spare bus waiting to help. If one of the buses reaches the passenger limit, the operator will radio the chase bus and that bus will proceed to the last known stop and continue on with the route, while the first bus proceeds through the route dropping off passengers. This way we can continue to service our customers and not leave people waiting for too long.

Another necessary change will be that the local buses will not be laying over at the Saco Transportation Center. We will operate a more continuous schedule as the local buses attempt to cover the entire territory on the runs while still remaining safe. We encourage you to download our “Where’s the Bus” app so you will be able to see exactly where the bus is along the route. The app can be found at transit.unitegps.com/bsoob or on our website by clicking on the Bus Locator button on the home page. You can still refer to our schedule as a reference but please be advised that with the buses circulating as frequently as possible the times will not be accurate. Please give yourself additional time to get out to the stop. Thank you for being patient.

Maroon, Yellow and Green lines will remain out of service.

Until we get back to full service all fares will remain free.

We recognize that conditions require us to be as safety minded as possible. With that recognition, we ask that you obey the following new rules:

Stay six feet away from the bus operator

Enter and Exit through the rear doors

Sit in marked seating to maintain social distancing

Only ride BSOOB Transit for essential purposes which include medical appointments, employment and grocery shopping. There will be no joy riding. Our drivers will ask you to leave the bus if they feel you are violating this important policy.

To the greatest extent possible, BSOOB Transit strongly encourages passengers to wear a mask or some sort of face covering when riding the bus. The more we work together, the faster things will return to normal.

BSOOB Transit staff will continue to monitor the situation. We will listen to the Governor and the Maine CDC for guidance and make the best decisions possible.

Thank you for your support. We wish you the very best. Please stay healthy and safe.