thank you for wearing your masks and for social distancing on our buses,
together we will get through this

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All Passes including Legacy passes are no longer be accepted 


These passes will no longer be accepted 


Portland Intercity – 1 zone 1 ride, 2 zone 1 ride, 3 zone 1 ride.
Portland Intercity – 2 zone 10 ride, 3 zone 10 ride. (No more zones)
ZOOM – 1 ride, 10 ride, Combo, Monthly, Quarterly
LOCAL – single ride (cardboard pass), Monthly


The only paper passes we will accept as of April 1, 2021 are:


 New Single-Ride Ticket (90-minute pass with QR code)


Hannaford Passes will no longer be accepted after March 31st, 2021 


(click here to see passes that will no longer be available after 4/1/2021)